Doctor Who series three finally

***don’t read if you haven’t watched the finally of Doctor who yet***
My friend Pickle (not his real name however that is what everyone calls him) and I have worked hard on creating a Doctor Who cake for the finally and our finished product was a stunted tower with medium blue frosting and a Tardis and black on the top. Non the less it tasted good. So tonight when we sat down to watch the finally I was tweaking, crazy with anticipation. It was all wonderful I simply loved it and the doctor as an old man baby looking this was cute even if it wasn’t supposed to be. The part the got me though was at the very end when the Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman – the love of my life) was saying goodbye to the doctor and he said that his friends used to call Him the Face of Bow…….. I freaked. I found this sad because he wanted to die he didn’t want to live so long, and so sad because the whole time he knew the doctor in the future he already knew him and couldn’t tell him. Also the farewell to another companion was heartrending to me (not nearly as much so as when Rose left that crushed me). I just get so attached to the companions and then poof in a puff of smoke they are gone. Anyway awesome finally.


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