Buried Under Paper Work……..And Please Don’t Forget To Dig Me Out In June

I am SERIOUSLY buried under a TON of paperwork! Ah…… Yesterday I got my Long-Form application and it is LONG, LONG and TEDIOUS. Here’s a list of thing it entails…….

-Take a flash drive with application to my Doctor (which in its self is hard because I have a lot of Doctors; not because I’m really sick, I just don’t have one specific Doctor) for him/her to fill out.

-Take a flash drive with application to my Dentist for him to fill out (a bit easier)

– Take a flash drive with application to my Guidance Counselor for her to fill out a recommendation (which frankly makes me nervous……. I don’t get to see what she writes.)

-Get Transcripts from said Guidance Counselor

-Write Letter (basically an essay) to future host Family ( assuming I get past this application

-Have my parents write a Letter to my future host Family

-Have Pictures taken (luckily my sister in law is a photographer)
a. Head shot
b. Doing a Hobie (reading)
c. My House
d. My Family

-A ton of other information that I don’t really know and I’m going to have to ask Amy about.

-Plus after all of this I have to make like five copies and send them all…… whew!

On top of all this I have two reports, piles of homework and a failing Biology grade to take care of. So when I say that I’m buried under paper work I’m NOT exaggerating, the Long-(when they say long they mean LONG)Form application is 15 pages (each very complex and unique) . Seriously…….. just dig me out in June!


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