32 days left (including weekends) or how I had to walk through a foot of slush

So I have 32 days left until christmas break starts. 10 days left untill my long-form is due, which is frightingly close. I basicly have appointment up until the 27 so I need to have everything ready by then. Hopefully I’ll have everything done besides the stuff that I obviously can’t due yet done over the long weekend.

Over the last weekend I went to Anchorage for my sisters birthay. I gave her the Purple Devil hat that she wanted but as she doesn’t really like to open up I don’t really know if she liked it.

other things I did was…….

-got a new pea coat (long, gray and very cute)
-got a flashdrive which wasn’t actualy “necessary” for the LF but o well
-saw Beowulf (I don’t recomend it)
-endured endless hours of bickering with my sister/mom/aunt ectera.

Sometime early this morning the sky got angry, and it started to rain, which in it’s self is not that terrible if there isn’t already a foot of snow. Snow + Rain = Slush. Slush + Cold = Ice which in turn equals no fun and having to leave for school extra early. Thus in turn by 2:30 pm when the bus pulled up to my stop and I took that first fatefull step off it, my shoes were instantly filled with slush and I ran the rest of the way home through slush in wet shoes.
Just a note: I had to ride the bus because my sister is on a field trip watching BEOWULF. (as in “I am BEOWULF!”, which my cousin says incesantly now.)

Over all I’m just VERY happy that this week is almost over, only 1 day left! Then Turkey and Pie!


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