Happy Turkey Day or How Doctor Who Rocks

Well happy Thanksgiving everyone (or in this case no one). I spent the morning watching disk two of series three of Doctor Who. My favorite episode of that disk and perhaps the season is Shakespeare Code for several reasons.

a. Shakespeare is awesome and that actor is very handsome
b. Martha kicks ass
c. the constant Harry Potter references were awesome

there were a few like when Martha and the Doctor are laying in bed and she says something along the line of ” this is all a little Harry Potterish isn’t is” then the Doctor replied with something like “and you haven’t read book seven yet…… wow I cried” I’m sorry I can’t quite quote it perfectly and am too lazy to go and find out the exact wording. The next and funniest reference was when Shakespeare is looking for a word to finish his sonnet or whatever to get rid of the alien witches and he can’t think of anything and Martha says “expeliamus” and it was awesome!

Lastly to wrap up my Doctor Who rant, It always makes me sad in the third series whenever the Doctor talks about Rose because I really liked her. But then again I feel bad for Martha when he’s mean and only thinks about Rose. I can’t wait until the Titanic Christmas special for this year and in that case I can’t wait for the entire next season.

Well I should get back to my family and go make a casserole. Have a awesome day

……… one more thing……….. on all the live traveling episodes of Pottercast (I think episodes 92-112) they have the Harry and the Potters with them. My favorite part is when the have their public service announcements. I love Paul’s voice its really cute and they are uber funny. I highly recommend these episodes if not only to hear those PSA from Harry and the Potters.

OK I’m done, once again have an awesome day!


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