The House of Awsome or Discovering the Wonderful World of Wizard Rock

During the summer I really got into Wizard Rock. Its kind of hard to get the stuff that’s not on itunes because paypals is very confusing. It all started last year when I saw a video from Pottercast with wizard rock on it from a show at the NYC knitting factory. Since then I’ve gotten a few CDs and discovered some Awesome music!

I own……..

-Harry and the Potter’s The Power of Love (Paul and Joe are so funny I love listening to them when they are on Pottercast)
Flesh Blood and Bone
Felix Felicis
Smoochy Smoochy, Pucky Pucky

-The Ministry of Magic (not the usual Wrock, The only way I can think to discribe it is kind of pop(like in the Movie music and lyrics pop so 80’s I suppose) and Techno. Its cool, but unique. I love their music video for Escape from Azkaban (which can be found on youtube).
Escape From Azkaban
The Hero
Accio Love

-The Remus Lupins (awesome and Alex Carpenter is SOOO cute!)
Looking for trouble
I was a teenage Werewolf
A lot more but the names are escaping my mind at the Moment

-Draco and the Malfoys (my first Wizard rock CD!)
Your family is Poor
Voldemort is Awesome
My Dad is Rich
In which I kick Harry Potter in the Face

-The Whomping Willows (Matt (that’s his name I think) is who I’m really into now, I love his
lyrics, they aren’t only about cannon some are about wizard rock, like in Wizard Rock Heart
Throb) I don’t even know which of these songs is best, I love them all.
House of Awesome
Wizard Rock Heart Throb (it mentions how cute Alex Carpenter is!)
I Found a Loophole
Cedric Had it Coming
In which Draco and Harry Secretly Want to Make Out

There are a few more bands that I don’t own a CD for but are still cool (How Airplanes Fly, The Moaning Myrtles, ectera), but right now I think I should finish this post.

I’m not really sure why I was compelled to post about wizard Rock but it was fun anyway. Just a last sentiment……… I totally want to be in the House of Awesome! And it would be really cool to meet a “Rebel Freedom Fighter on Horseback!”

I would love to go see some of them perform someday but as I live in Alaska that poses a bit of a problem. Lastly I want to say how much I admire all of them (the wizard rockers that is) they are really brave to do what they do and I love them all for doing it!

– one thing to add. I just joined the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club (I had to use that scary paypals) and can’t wait to get my shipment! It started at the beginning of the year so I’m a bit late to say the least but, Better Late Then Never.


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