Waiting is always the hardest part

So I finished my Long-Form application and gave it to Amy today. I’m still (maybe unnecessarily) anxious about approval. Even though its pretty much certain that I’m going, I still worry-allot. Every bad grade makes my chest tighten a little. I suppose all I can do is do keep my grades up (raise my Spanish grade), pray and hope for the best. Luckily I can breath just a little easier knowing that my long form is done (just one more level of screening).

My pictures turned out really good (my sister-in-law is a photographer, and she did an awesome job with them).

My four beautiful copies of my Long-Form Application are going to be sent out of my small town to the District level which to say the least frightens me. I know that the people of my local Rotary Club support me and seem to like me but the district level is totally foreign to my. I won’t know who is reading my personal information and making decisions on my life. My only real worry as I may have said is my abysmal Spanish grade.

Just to jump around one more time, here’s the low down of our crazy schedule at my high school. SO…… Monday Thur Thursday we I have five classes (World History, LA 10, Power Mechanics, Advanced Algebra, and Biology) then on Friday (which is the worst day of the week, odd sounding I know) I have Advanced Spanish. Entonces (so) because I only have Spanish once a week (for THREE HOURS! ARRG) I am doing horribly in it. There has been one test and I failed it thus my grade is utter CRAP. And since Spanish is my foreign Language it worries me that that is my bad grade. Maybe they will be like, wow she can’t even speak Spanish, how will she be able to learn Hungarian? DENIED. That is my fear.

By the way its the weekend, which is Awesome! Speaking of Awesome I’ve been listening to The Podcast of Awesome which is a cool podcast that’s more like a radio show filled with wizard rock. Check it out, I’ve learned about allot of new bands on it (not all good necessarily though, but mostly).

I should wrap this up now. Chao -go outside and do something productive over the weekend please, maybe I’ll take my dog for a walk.


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