The Tin Man or How I Never Cease To Screw Something Up and Will Die In A Paper Avalanche

So, today I watched the second part of the Tin Man miniseries on SciFi. It’s amazing, but tonight it kind of really creeped me out. The little girl/nasty old lady in the cave was uber weird. I am loving the show so far and can’t wait for the conclusion tomorrow night. It’s nice to take my mind off my worries for a few hours. The best way I can describe The Tin Man is by saying it’s like the 10Th Kingdom for The Wizard Of OZ. It was very sad seeing DG remember the past about Azkadelia, it makes you feel sad for both of them.

On to how I screw up everything, and am still buried under paperwork (perhaps I won’t die but it isn’t pretty). I thought (hoped) that the Long- Form was to put it simply was LONG behind me. But alas there is more. Here are the additional things to do.

-Get the Doctor to redo the medical form (Amy wasn’t very pleased/I suppose what they say about Doctors handwriting is true)

-Write an essay (apparently they neglected to mention that to me)

-Resign some of the papers, plus a few.

I know this doesn’t really seem that much but on top of my schoolwork, it all kind of gets to me sometimes. Just typing this helps me gain prospective and I see that everything is easily accomplishable (is that a word?). All I need to do it breath, so I will.


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