Rose Tyler Will Return or The MTV’s Wizard Rock Top Ten List

So I am so pleased to say that Billy Piper is going to return to Doctor Who in the Fourth (next) series! I really hope she stays, but then again I’ve grown to like Martha too.

On the subject of Doctor Who (and Harry Potter) I just found out (which makes me a very bad fan of both) that Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (my least favorite HP movie, but this sheds a whole new light on it) was played by the one and only wonderful David Tennant! I was shocked, how had I missed that?

Anyway on to something interesting, MTV has created a Top ten Wizard Rock band list, which I think is really cool. Here’s what they had.

1. Switchblade Kittens

2. Harry and the Potters

3. The Parselmouths

4. The Remus Lupins

5. Ministry of Magic

6. Draco and the Malfoys

7. The Moaning Myrtles

8. Catchlove

9. The Owl Post

10. The Whomping Willows

I love all these bands except to be honest I’m not really familiar with The Parselmouths, but no bother, I love the list all the same.

As for my list of things to do, right now I am working on my one page essay on my top three country choices.

I am going to go work on that, then at eight I am going to watch the conclusion of The Tin Man!


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