Jingle Spells, Rotary Blazers, and Schedule Changes

I was bummed when I found out that there were no more Jingle Spells copies left. So one can imagine how happy I was when I was listening to Pottercast on Monday and heard that they had put it up on itunes. Needless to say I rushed to my computer to download it! Because my computer is very slow and I started downloading it last night, and in the morning there was an error thing on the screen I was not in the best mood today. I restarted the download and all day at school I looked forward to coming home and listening to it on my ipod. To make and pointless story short, it was ready when I got home, and now I am happy. I like the CD a lot. While I am on the subject of wizard rock (I am typing this just with my right hand because my left is cramping up) my wizard rock ep of the month club shipment should be here soon! I am so excited.

On to my next piece of news, my Rotary Blazer. Amy said I need to go get measured for my blazer. Getting a blazer excites me, it just makes everything so official. I also love how all the exchange students decorate them with pins. I love pins they are fun, and I like to wear them on my sweaters (they add something fun I think). So anyway I am excited about getting my Blazer, more than that about January, which seems SO far away.

Its odd but this year Christmas, and my birthday seem to pale in comparison to waiting for January 24! But I suppose that’s all I can do, at least I am UBER busy until then.

School (until the 21st and then back on the 7th I think)
Christmas 12/25 (obviously)
Sweet Sixteen 12/30
New Years 1/1
Winter Formal 1/19 (I am helping organizes this so its time consuming)
SHUSSOUT 2008!!!! 1/24-1/27!!!!

Here’s a little Rotary Blazer History and info from wikipedia……..

Today, many Rotary Exchange students can be recognized by their Rotary Youth Exchange blazer. While most countries recommend navy blue, the blazer may also be dark green, red, black, or maroon. The color of the blazer usually depends on which country or region the exchange student is from. One Rotary tradition is that students cover their blazers in pins and patches they have traded with other students or bought in places they have visited as evidence of their exchange. It is popular for the students to bring a large collection of national- or regional-themed pins and trade them with students from other areas. This tradition is popular worldwide.
Blazer colors by country:
Australia – green
Brazil – blue
Canada – red/black/blue
Sweden – navy blue
Denmark – navy blue
Finland -light blue
France – navy or light blue
Germany – blue
Hungary – navy blue
New Zealand – black
South Africa – green
United States – navy blue (THIS IS ME!)
Mexico – navy blue/green
Zimbabwe – black
The Netherlands – navy blue
Taiwan – navy blue (bright green in year 2006-2007. dark green since 2007-2008)
Japan – navy blue

That entire article about Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) can be found at

On to my last rant of this extremely unorganized post, new semester schedule changes. So for the first time ever our school is ending its semester at break so when we come back it will be a new semester. This doesn’t really change much because we don’t have block schedule any more. I how ever do have a few schedule changes, I may or may not be taking LA 11 instead of construction (what Power Mechanics is turning into, which is a bit disappointing because construction looks very interesting) and I am probably dropping Advanced Spanish!!!!!! (This makes me SOOO Happy!) I say probably because I am not actually going to drop it for health until I find out where I am going, if its Spanish, obviously I won’t drop it :( this would be sad.

I think that’s all, I am going to write my world history essay (which I have had a week to do) that I haven’t started yet (this is bad), and my other homework. (I wrote this in a hurry, so sorry about any bad grammar)


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