End of Semester and Utter Happiness (besides the unfinished school work of course)

YAH I am very happy because I just received ten of the cds from the Wizard Rock EP of the month club! I can’t wait to listen to them all, there are some songs that I have wanted for a while like Remus and the Lupins Expecto Patronum and a few others but mostly the music is new! In the wonderful bubble padded envelop came a small pin, a funny handmade bookmark and the ten cds in the sort of cases you get with sampler cds. I love the album art for them, particularly the one illustrated by Darius of the Hungarian Horntails who is the cutes little boy.

In this package I got……..
The Hungarian Horntails– The First Task
The Parselmouths– Illegal Love Potions
Ginny and the Heartbreakers– Love Storm
The Remus Lupins- Horcruxes and Hand Me Downs
Roonil Wazlib– Putting Fluffy to Sleep (this has a song I already love, Bookworm)
Harry and the Potters- The Enchanted Ceiling (speaking of them, I think it was Paul that was pretty much in charge of it all, he did wonderfully with putting it all together, or Joe too if he did stuff)
The Fleur Delacours– I Now Pronounce you Mrs. Bill Weasley
Remus and the Lupins- Born to Howl (Expecto Patronum– I love this song its soo funny)
The Marauders- Hogwarts 1975
Vodemort– Evil is Sexy (I don’t really like metal but I’ll give it a chance)
—-I don’t feel like linking to each band so if you click on the WR EP of the Month club link and click on Albums you can get to each bands website
A cute little pin (which I am definitely going to put on my blazer!!!)
A funny homemade bookmark (its cute though, I love it)

As soon as I am done writing this I am going to put them on my computer and on my ipod, but as that my take a while until then I’ll just listen to them the old fashioned way, with my cd player (I will write about how I liked it all once I’ve listened to them all). Also I am waiting for the latest Pottercast to finish downloading which is also exciting because they interviewed JK Rowling! Oh I am just really jazzed, this is just the boost I needed to get my through the last week of term!

Just a last note nothing on the RYE front much, I just need to go get measured for my blazer still. I should stop ranting about my excitement and do my report now that is due tomorrow ans enjoy my Wizard Rock feast (plus Jk on PC)!


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