Half way there…. three finals left

I only have three finals left tomorrow, and only one of them is a real final (Advances Algebra). I am very disappointed in myself that I forgot to correct my Burke essay in LA to raise my grade. It was due today and because I forgot I have a b- for the semester. URG, I hate when the only reason I have a bad grade is because I forgot something stupid. I don’t want to dwell on the stuff that makes me unhappy right now and will instead write about the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club which makes me happy. I have listened to them all with the exception of Voldemort and The Fleur Deloures.

My favorite previously undiscovered band it Ginny and the Heartbreakers, I love them now, My favorite song is Volde-who. I would write more about the cds but right now Journey Man is on and I am really into it, also I have an Advanced Algebra final to study for.

Over all this is a random post but none the less here it is.

Things I can’t wait for
End of Semester- Friday (3 days)
Christmas- (6 days)
Sweet Sixteen- (11 days)
New Years Day- (13 days)
Shussout 2008- (35 days)


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