Love Story, Enchanted, and Ravelry Invites

Yesterday I watched Love Story on TV with my mother and sister, it was uber sad. I was like my profile picture and just gushing tears it was so sad. Later that day (well it was night really) my sister and I went to see Enchanted it our small theatre. Enchanted was silly and fun, very very fluffy. I absolutely loved it, if you do not like a fluffy fairy tale this movie is not for you. It was very cute and just what I needed after watching the uber depressing Love Story.

On to why I actually wrote this post in the first place, My Ravelry invite arrive today (YAH)! It actually arrived at 10:14 this morning but it went in to my junk box so my messenger didn’t tell me that I had an email, so I didn’t discover the little gem until a while ago when I checked my inbox. I am very happy to get my Ravelry invite and have been keeping a log of the invites going out which I will post either as a graph or table soon (just in case you find it interesting). There is this handy feature on Ravelry that you can use to see where you are on the invite queue that I used to see where I was.

Anyway I am going to finish this post now so I can explore Ravelry a bit before I head to bed for some beauty sleep so I look pretty for the festivities of tomorrow.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVE (which is in a few minutes)


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