Merry Christmas

I won’t describe every boring detail about my Christmas celebration but I will say it was very pleasant. I got some awesome presents including several gift cards (one for amazon, two for itunes (which I have already used), and another for Far North Yarn Company, which is fifty dollars and I CAN’T wait to buy some yarn with), a nice wool coat, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (and several other DVDs including Office Space, with flair edition), a cute stuffed owl and a few other things I can’t remember. Oh I also got a flock of geese donated to some impoverished family in Africa in my name which is cool.

I mentioned that I had already used the itunes card which is mostly true I still have ten dollars left on one but what I have bought so far is The Switchblade Kittens: The Weird Sisters and The Moaning Myrtles: Toilet Humor.
I have finally found a camera to use to take pictures of my knitting so if you look back on those posts where I talk about my projects there will now be pictures and here I will place a picture of a half done ravenclaw sock, that is really getting on my nerves.

Yes you can see my Bridget Jones Diary Movie Poster behind my odd lump of Levis jean jacket, yarn and dpn’s.
This morning I awoke as my father was lifting a large suite case into my loft (a present from baby Jesus of course). I told him it was alright and came down to look at it instead. This is what I saw. Its really nice and I like the color (steal blue is what it’s called), inside are a few smalled bags. They will be great for Mexico in February and while I am on exchange although I seriously doubt that it will be all I take with me.

**** URG Flickr is really aggravating me by the way, I have been trying to put up some pictures on ravelry for about an hour, maybe I’ll try tomorrow again, because YAH I don’t have school!

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