A million and one pointless subjects, my birthday, lots of movies, more rotary screw ups and new years

Here are some things I wanted to post about but have been to lazy too, I will paraphrase now. (wow that was a long title wasn’t it?)

So a usual I am in a tizz over the entire RYE process, I ALWAYS screw something up, this time it is one photo for my visa and business cards, they are very precise so my sister in law (the photographer) and I had to take some more in which I looked HORRIBLE, shes really good with photo shop and fixed it up a bit so they were just bearable and really small they don’t look so bad. I am absolutely mortified though that a lot of people will see it, URG! Also I still have to get my blazer measurements, I am considering forgoing the entire seamstress thing ans DYI ing it. Anyway I just can’t wait until I find out where I am going which now is only three and a half weeks or so away!

I finished the series and wasn’t too thrilled with the ending.

I knit this hat from a fabulous pattern and I used lovely blue 50% 50% llama yarn. It turned out great except I didn’t make a gauge so it ended up the perfect size for a new born, which is alright, I just put it on my owl.

Well my birthday was on the 30th and I had a few friends over, it was a lot of fun and I got some awesome presents including beautiful earrings, office space (with flair edition), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Action figures (AWESOME, from my similarly hp loving friend Heather). It was a wonderful night all together and it’s times like that that I realized how much I will miss everyone when I am gone.


By Kenneth Oppel, this book is a sequel to Airborn which I also own and love. Skybreaker is set in a world that is pretty much exactly like ours in the 1930’s or so the only really big difference is that the whole “airship” thing really caught on and people ride in them instead of planes or normal ships. The main character Matt goes after a ghost ship called the Hyperion with his friend from Airborn the rich Kate Versies, A Gypsy girl and an arrogant, flirtatious, handsome captain. I really liked Skybreaker, maybe even more then its predecessor, Airborn.

As it is the new year now and I happily finished my last green leatherish journal with a sort of Celtic design on the front I have started my next one. It is a large hardcover striped ones with kind of bright green pages. I liked it when I bought it but now I am doubting my choice, not very discreet, but alas in another country I’ll still probably write in English so it won’t matter anyway.

I have watched a ton of movies that for some reason I want to post about

Return to Oz….. This is a movie about Dorthy’s return to OZ, basically Aunt Em thinks shes bonkers so she sends Dorthy to an Asylum type place to be “helped” but basically they just want to use the shock treat meant, she runs away, there’s a fire and she has to save ox. It wasn’t that bad, I mean it’s not the original but I kind of liked it.

December Boys…… I must admit I queued this because it has Dan Radcliffe in it. December boys is about this group of Australian orphans who go to the coast for a holiday and its about what happens there, Dan is called maps and he is the oldest. It was sad, but not really because they were orphans. It was a great movie and the relationship between the boys was very sweet. It was also very sad and had a pretty unexpected ending, but good.

Stardust…… Basically a boy goes after a star to win a girl (who is pretty mean to him) and finds out the star is a girl, also there are a ton of other people after her and he is looking for his mother which some witches want to cut her heart out to eat it. Oh I loved this movie, I think I am going to read the book if I ever find the time. It was very cute and just the type of movie I tend to fall in love with. A fairy tale, fantasy, a bit of action and a cute love story.

Amazing Grace……. A movie about William Wilberforce who led the cause to outlaw slavery in England, it was a wonderful movie! The movie had Micheal Gambit in it and EVERY time he came on screen either my sister or I would say something like ” HARRY, DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME INTO THE GOBLET?”, it was hard to resist.

The Covenant……. Hot teenage boys who are witches who have to battle a bad witch to save themselves and the people they love. What more can I say, the boys particularly Caleb, are VERY good looking, plus it had a good plot and nice cinematography.

Rocky Horror Picture Show…….. Wow what can I say, if you’ve seen it you know that it’s weird. I loved it but its not the type of movie I will watch very often, it was that weird towards the end. I loved the music, and it is definitely a movie that you have to see. Even if you don’t like it its just one of those movies you have to have seen.

And Lastly………

Sweeney Todd……. WOW, WOW, WOW, I went to see this with my sister today because we were in Anchorage to drop my mom at the airport. It was amazing, I have been listening to the OBC recording since summer but the movie still surprised me. I had NO idea some of the things were going to happen, mostly the stuff at the end, which I won’t give away. WOW, it was amazing, Johnny Deep and Helena Bonum Carter were just awesome! I had to hid my face a few times due to the excessive blood splurting which got to me (it was a VERY bloody R, not really that bad, but lots of it, Sweeney got a bit cut happy for a while, I think that is the only reason it’s R plus it is a VERY dark movie). Everyone kind of turned out a bit bad except the kid, Joanna and the sailor boy. It has a real twist at the end. Now I am just ranting about the movie, but I did love it allot. Johnny Deep and Helena Bonum Carter just blew me away, they were just SO great.

Now last but not least……..

Winter Formal Dress DRESS (this link you have to click on the color blue once you are there)

I got my winter formal dress, it is very nice and I like it allot more than my dresses from last year which were v necks and not terribly well suited for my body type. This dress is more formal looking and more modest. A lovely blue velvet empire waist and large satin ribbon to tie under the bust or in back. It is great, and I feel allot more comfortable in it then my dresses last year I was always having to “adjust”. It has wide straps and a squarish neck line.


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