22 days left or how the anticipation is killing me

Seriously all I ever do is wait. I am currently waiting to find out where I am going to be sent for a year of my life. Wondering about this occupies my mind constantly never leaving my alone. Before I find out where I am going at Shussout 2008 (refer to counter above, unless it is after the end of January 2008 in which class I have probably deleted it) I have to endure a few horrible things. Not horrible on a large scale, just personal forms of torture.

-Blazer measurements (not actually that bad)
-Three weeks of LA 11 with a slightly frightening teacher and no friends
-Three weeks of SPANISH (which I will promptly drop if I am not placed in a Spanish speaking country!)
-Three weeks of school
-The cold (okay obviously now I am just scraping the bottom of the barrel for every bad thought I can think of but that’s just the mood I am in)

I honestly just can’t wait any long. Although I usually always feel like when something I am waiting for happens everything will make more sense and be better and it usually never does, I still feel that way this time.

-First it was, If only I can be accepted
-Then When I finish the Long-Form
-When Christmas Break comes (which in actuality is just great and I am not looking forward to going back in 5 days)
– now it is just me waiting for my country assignment

I actually think though that having my country assignment will open the door to a few things, I will be able to plan more and it will finally feel official. Right now it still doesn’t feel real, I know that a year from now I won’t be here but I still don’t know where. Also I will be able to actually tell people where because it is really annoying explaining that I don’t know yet.

To wrap this up I fond this cute LJ, Exchange Comics, where this girl creates comics about being an exchange student, I love them, you should definitely check them out, they are super funny!

Created by jessamynerose on LiveJournal

My favorites are……
Hasn’t she grown
One For the Outbounders
Excuses 101: Homework

But they are all great and there are a ton more that I absulutly love!
Also lastly I was supposed to get my licence today but as I have stupidly lost my wallet with my permit and all forms of identification I had to cancel my appointment, so here is to me finding my wallet soon!

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