November 24th, 9:00 pm eastern standard time……

Odd name for this post isn’t it, in truth it has nothing to do with what I am going to write about but I had Rent in my head so there you go. If only I had had the forethought on November 24 to title a post that way, too bad I didn’t think about it. ANYWAY, so this next week is the beginning of a pretty hectic fortnight including Winter Formal (1/19) and Shussout (1/24-1/27).

Speaking of Shussout, I got an email today about what I should bring and stuff! I am so excited I can barely wait the two weeks left, I wonder what time I am leaving on the 24th, because I really don’t know yet.

This is what I need to bring to Shussout…..
-my corrected visa style photos
-my blazer measurements
-warm clothes (we are going to ski!)
swimming suit (they have a pool)
-musical instrument (yeah right, I wouldn’t play my clarinet in font of people for anything)
-music (there is going to be a dance, how fun!)

Oh I am so anxious, I wish that I could enter a mysterious fortnight long coma so that I can skip ahead to Shussout! The only thing that would suck about that is that I wouldn’t get to wear my pretty new dress but oh well that would be better than having to wait another two weeks to find out where I am going. It is amazing how close it is yet how far away it still seems. I think that everything will be more real once I find out where I am going to spend a year, maybe I have said that before, but as it is true I’ll leave it.

Besides finding out where I am going the most exciting part for me about Shussout is that I get to meet other outbounds and inbounds. Mostly the outbounds though because I really want to be able to talk to them about stuff. My friend Anni stabledrain is also going to be an exchange student but she is only going a few months and is going with AFS so its not the same talking to her. She isn’t leaving for about a year and isn’t really excited or nervous like me. I am just so anxious to meet others who are doing the same thing as me. It’s odd when I look at blogs and photos and such of other outbounds and rebounds they all seem so old. I know that they are actually my age but its odd, but meeting some of them will humanism them I suppose. I am excited to talk to rebounds about their experience’s when they were away too.

I wonder if I’ll be in a room with Amy (my YEO) or in a room with a teen, as much as I like Amy it may be fun to stay in a room with some one my age to I don’t know how to say this without sounding totally cliche but “bond”.

No matter what happens I am uber excited and I am done ranting now about Shussout.

Oh but on another note LA 11 isn’t as horrible as I feared, I am still slightly frightened my teacher, and talking in the class, but its not bad. We are reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, which is pretty interesting and I am not having trouble with that. I hope that I keep doing well and don’t embarrass myself.

Well this turned out to be a longer post than I expected, I could write some more about some other useless things like my knitting but I will save that for another time and another post.


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