Extreme Anticipation

So the last few days I have just been floating around, every once in a while considering posting about something (going to anchorage, FNYC, Juno, and school) but due to extreme tiredness and laziness I have not posted in a while. But right now I just can’t resist, I just got an email about the schedule for shussout and oh, I am so excited!

There are lots of things in the schedule that I am excited (and nervous about) but one of the most exciting things is that on Friday (1/25) at 6-7:30pm we are going to have dinner and get our country assignments!!!!! Oh I am SOO excited, to think that in a week I will know! Looking forward to shussout has almost (almost) over shadowed my annoyance with Winter Formal (tomorrow, and so much still to do) and Spanish and school and everything.

SO despite being tired, over worked and having a ton of homework, not having any time to knit or read and everything else I am in a chipper mood. Plus I get to miss biology on Thursday next and Spanish on Friday!!!! (especially Spanish, YEAH!)

Just for a little non Rotary Related news I am currently reading Huckleberry Finn for English 11, and Prey by Micheal Crichton for myself. Huck Finn is interesting but sometimes I can’t understand a thing Jim says. Also sometimes I think that my English 11 teacher reads a little too much into everything, I mean not EVERYTHING has a deeper meaning, most of what he says seems true enough, but a some of it is just a bit far fetched.

Winter Formal, so tomorrow instead of going to watch the local crazy people jump into nearly freezing water (an odd thing our town does every January, you raise enough money for cancer and you get to dress up crazy like and jump into the bay, sounds like fun right?)I have to go and set up for WF some more. Our theme is “Winter in Times Square” and I actually don’t thing its turning out that awful. The billboards we all made are pretty cool. With the help of a few of my friends I made the “Wicked” billboard and the “Hairspray” one. They actually look pretty snazzy. We are mostly covering the walls with butcher paper and are going to paint a skyline on it. Wow, our Winter Formal sound silly doesn’t it? Well just bear in mind that this is a very small Alaskan School and our class doesn’t have a lot of money. As President of out Sophomore class I suppose I should care more, but honestly I am just tired and and happy that the entire ordeal is over tomorrow.

Well I should go and try to sleep a bit because I have a VERY long day in the morning. On a last note I just want to say again just how excited and nervous and anxious I am about Shussout, also I didn’t have that bad of a time in Spanish today and Monday is an inservice day (Martian Luther King Jr.’s birthday observed) so no school, so basically overall, today was a pretty good day, and I hope the next five days pass fast! (wow that was a VERY long ROS wasn’t it? but I am just too tired to fix it)


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