21.5 hours left, I am gettting a bit Neurotic………

As this not so cleverly named post (are any of them?) suggests I am becoming neurotic with my countdowns and lists. I can’t stop myself, I look at my watch constantly, doing the math to see how long it will be until I leave for shussout. I only have three classes tomorrow before I get to leave school. Even though Amy (and I by extension) isn’t leaving until 1pm (after Advanced Algebra) I convinced my mother (well she offered) to let me skip out on it (which means a test, YEAH, I really don’t understand, I’ll just make it up Monday) and go to lunch with her instead. So tomorrow I only have to endure World History (all we are doing is watching Luther, which is pretty good), English 10 and English 11. The best part however about missed classes is that I will miss Spanish!!!!

Just one little thing, There is going to be another Wizard Rock Ep of the Month Club, this year I think the spaces will go a lot faster so I want to sign up soon. Unfortunately my finances are a bit depleted at the moment as the winter is wearing on and my coffers are slowly emptying. Luckily though I may be able to start working again as early as late February, when my mum might need help with inventory. As I was saying I want to sign up soon, and I am still excited to get the last two Cd’s from my 2007 subscription. OH yeah, because I have been writing this post intermittently between listening to WZRD, watching HP related youtube videos and trying to understand how to “complete the square” for Advanced Algebra, it is now 4:08 pm so it is only about 21 hours left (OMG I am going crazy!)!


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