Wow, Shussout was AMAZING. I loved meeting SO many people from all around Alaska and even Yukon, Canada and also from around the world! Present at Shussout at Alyeska were Outbounds (OB, ME!), Inbounds (IN) and Rebounds (RE). I just don’t know how to describe it all. It was an amazing four days that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I met the coolest people and made so may friends. I learned to snowboard (I am still sore) and had fun going up the chairlift (it was a lot taller than I thought it was) and down the mountain with some of my new friends.

We had really long days starting with breakfast at 7 and ending at lights out at midnight Everyday we (the OB) had hours and hours of “seccions” which were training and games and lessons and everything. The one thing that I didn’t do was my homework which pretty much no one did so at least I wasn’t alone in that.

We had a “to do” dinner on Friday for the 20th aniversary for my district. That was when We got our country assignments. I was so nervous and kept grabing my friend (OB—> Mexico!)’s hand. All the IN and RE from each country went up to their flags and and each country would go up with their flag from where they were standing around the room and read off their OB’s name from and envelope (thing the golden globes). When it came to Hungary which was one of the last country’s I was so frightened and nervous and when the Hungarian IB read my name I was in a daze when I walked up. The ballroom was full and I was wearing my silly blue OB Shussout shirt that was required (OB-blue, IN-green, RE-red, YEO-forest green, guest/other/ectera-maroon and some black). I started to cry (luckilly I wasn’t alone, so did another OB).

We stayed in rooms with seven per set of adjoining rooms. Four girls (or boys) in one then two and the chaperon in the other, two per bed (except the chaperon). I was in a room with some nice girls and I loved hearing from a RE in the room adjoining mine (I was one of the four girls) whoe went to Brazil last year and was very helpful.

I suppose I should Wrap this up now as I am just ranting on now. I just have to conclude about what my school counselor said about my credit situation. I am going to be ok and I wont have to take any online classes! YEAH! I am VERY happy about this. I can get five credits on exchange (they are like art and gym, ectera) and then six more my senior year and that will give me eleven, which pushes me over the required by one! I am just way jazzed about that!

Now I am going to start the long and torturous process of learning my Hungarian and staying on top of my current school work! WOW I just don’t know what else to say… I am going to Hungary!


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