BoB, the battle of good vs. connections

Today was the day when all the BoB (battle of the books) Battles were held. I had a good feeling for this year and really wanted to win (at least make it to the afternoon). Because of some schedule reading conflicts, we didn’t realize that the battle was today (wenesday) intill monday. At this point we also relized that no one but one of the alternates had read The Wizard of Earthsea so last night thats what I did, from the moment I got home from school. I did this instead of study for my spanish test (which I think I failed) and my Advanced Algebra test (which I think I barely passed).

This morning I had to endure the first half hour of spanish before escaping to a back room in the library where we had our battles. The Team was Aaron- a Senior, Kimberly- a senior and my sister, and myself. We then had two alternates, my friend katie (sophomore) who only read Twilight and Nathan a freshman who cringed everytime we missed a Wizard of Earthsea question. The first battle we lost but not by much, we would have won but didn’t listen to Aaron twice which screwed us over. Then the next battle we tied, which was with the connections team from Homer! Oh we hate connections teams, that is basicly what the title of this post is about. The are annoying, the coach, time keeper and judge is usually their mother and they challenge everything. The last battle we slid downward after and awesome start and didn’t do so well. Over all we had 280 points so we got third in the district. The scoring is 5 points for the correct book and another 3 for the author. No one ever get the author wrong.

Dispite loosing, we had tons of fun and ate pizza and other snacks. Then during advisory we just hung out in that slightly smelly room to watch Across the Universe (which is AWESOME!). Over all it was the most fun I have had all year and that is deffinatly why I do BoB, because I love the people and the fun we have. I also loved having fin conversations about Doctor who and Torchwood with Aaron. I will miss the Monday lunchs (my favorite half hour a week ) and how sometimes I know an awnser that my sister doesn’t!


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