On Friday after school awhile, my mother, sister and I drove to Anchorage. Once there we played a game (apples to apples) with my cousin and ate dinner with my aunts family. After that we dressed up and drove downtown to the Atwood Concert Hall where we entered and made our way to the theater. I was so excited and a bit fidgety waiting for the start. It was Amazing, just amazing. The show was different from the movie, but as I have the Original Broadway Cast Soundtrack I recognized all of the songs.

I do not have a lot of actual theater experience, despite owning tons of sound tracks to shows. I love the theater, it’s so exciting, the entire process and I love EVERY minute of it. The last show I saw on stage was when I was ten (maybe younger, but ten I think), I went to see Footloose (I think it was in the same theater at Atwood in Anchorage) with a friend of my mothers who had an extra ticket. I still remember almost every detail. Needless to say, I was very excited to see Hairspray as the Soundtrack is one of my favorites; I was beyond jazzed when I realized that it was coming to Anchorage.

There were quite a few understudies playing, including Tracy, however I couldn’t have loved it more, the girl who played Tracy was sensational, and I can’t imagine anyone else doing better. The only thing even slightly off was that she wasn’t at all fat, but that really isn’t life altering or anything so I didn’t mind.

Every member of the cast was wonderful and Link was dreamy of course. The sets were great too and I loved the little differences in the plot from the movie. One of my favorite parts is that it’s live, everything is right there in front of you, it seems so much more personal and real. I love theater! During intermission we went out and mingled a little bit, even bumping into a few people we knew. From the stand that sold outrageously priced merchandise, my mother bought my sister and I each a large blue pin that says “I Heart (a literal heart, not the word) Link”. It’s really cute and I fully plan on putting it on my Blazer (once I get it!).

After intermission we made our way back into the theater (which is pretty large) for the second part. Once back in our seats my sister noticed that we were sitting only two seats away from another acquaintance of ours. (Remember that I live in a small town, so seeing someone elsewhere I know is neat.) The second half was amazing as well and I was sad when it ended. The ending of the show is a bit different from the movie, more hunky dory and happiness.

Over all it was a wonderful night and I highly recommend seeing it to anyone who has the chance. Someday I hope to be able to see any show I want, but f0r now I must be happy with the occasional traveling show.


One thought on “HAIRSPRAY

  1. nicole, i love the hairspray poster in my room. i see where your inspiration came from. i love ir. sometimes i stare at it when im bored. you should really make a Newsies blog or something. that would be the coolest ever. i would ove that!!

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