Book Reviews

First of All I will say that I was in Mexico last week, which perhaps I neglected to report. It was nice and hot, but I am happy to be home now.

Now on to the Books and Other Stuff
Title: Of Mice And Men
Author: John Steinbeck
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 118
Year: 1937
My Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)
What can I say about Of Mice and Men. I won’t ruin it for the five people out in the world who haven’t read it yet. Of Mice and Men is eventually a story about human nature, the good and the bad; and the love a person can feel for another. The story surrounds two drifters during the depression era or a bit after(1937, first published). Lenny is a big Strong man who is mentally retarded (the mentality and is fond of petting soft things, which usually leads to their unintentional death. George is who takes care of Lenny, he is a smaller man who has known Lenny since childhood; and despite his constant proclamations of how much better off without Lenny he would be, George loves Lenny. They drift because Lenny always gets in Trouble one way or another. The Novel(ette) begins at a small pond and George telling Lenny if he is ever in trouble to head there. They are on their way to a new job as ranch hands. The ranch has many colorful characters: the bosses short tempered son, Curly, his whore of a wife, Slim an able skinner, an old man without a hand with an even older dog, and a crippled colored man. All of these Characters combine to create an unforgettable and deeply impactual story, and ending that shocked me so badly that I threw it down the beach ( it was very beautiful, the sun was setting over the water and I was sitting almost alone on the beach) in anger.

Title: The Bridge at Andau
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: ???
Year: 1957
My Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

I won’t talk too much about this book, but I certainly could for hours. There are very few Non-Fiction books that I can read all the way through and be truly interested. I was totally drawn into The Bridge at Andau; and is about the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. James A. Michener is an awesome author, he did an amazing job of characterizing the people of the revolution. He made me really care about those people. Anyway I won’t dwell on this book too long, but I think it’s really important for me to understand the history of Hungary and this book helped with that important piece.


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