First Sock Gussets and American Gangster

Why I will not watch American Gangster…….


(simplified version)
I was excitedly dashing to the living room where my mother and father were watching American Gangster to show them my awesome sock gusset skills (I was very excited) at this point in the movie Denzel Washington decided that it would be a good idea to kill his cousin (at a party in a very full room) by repeatedly shutting the lid of a grand piano over his skull. It was disgusting and I rushed out of the living room as fast as I could; impeded by the fact that I had a sock only finished to an inch or so past the gusset on my foot!
More on my awesome sock gusset skills, I have been working on this sock since I think just before spring break. It has confused me and tormented me although it is probably the simplest sock pattern ever. I am using the pattern House socks from the very awesome book Charmed Knits! Obviously I am not using the house colors, for this my only explanation is lack of funds to buy new yarn (it is still spring so I have only recently begun working again), and that I didn’t have transport into town to purchase said yarn, lastly I wanted to start the project and not wait! Even though it is dull and black I am in love with my half finished sock (as I am typing this I am almost at the part where you start decreasing towards the toe, so a bit farther than these pictures).
The reason it has taken my so long to actually publish this post is it just wasn’t right without pictures, so when my mother brought home the card reader (my sister lost the cord to connect the camera) I jumped to and put these pictures on the computer, so here they are! ( I was going to put other ones of the sock, but they were all of it on my foot and my room was messy and my foot was ugly, so I will exclude them for now, instead I will display some very beautiful yarn I have been wanting to use for a few months.) 

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