How Airplanes Fly

I got a CD that I bought a while ago today in the mail. How Airplanes fly. The song that got me hooked on her music was Forget the girl, I love all of the songs though from the CD.

How Airplanes Fly
1. Downfall
2. I Lay
3. Lily’s Lamnet
4. Wait for me
5. Forget the Girl
6. It’s not stalking if its Love
7. Dear Lucius
8. To fall in Love
9. To fall in Love pt. 2
10. Luna, I believe in you
11. John and Amy (The Story of)
12. The Sweater with red hair

I love all of these songs, but most of all I have fallen in love To Fall in Love and John and Amy. Altogether a great CD, and I am very happy I have it to add to my collection!


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