“Headlines don’t sell papes….. Newsies sell papes!”

Newsies, the Best Worst movie of 1992.

I can’t remember where but I read that Newsies is called the worst movie of 1992. I can understand where those critics come from. I mean Christian Bale can’t sing, the dialogue is cheesy and the accents are hilarious. HOWEVER I got over allof that. I loved Newsies, from the opening song of “Carrying the Banner” to the very end.

I received the DVD Newsies on Saturday; so when my bestest buddy Katie came over that night, we got out our knitting (my second black sock and her simple pink scarf), and popped in Newsies. We had our doubts, but as we usually love cheesy musicals we were willing to give it a chance.

Needless to say we loved it, and since then we have been; shamelessly quoting lines, trying to remember the lyrics and talking in a fake Brooklyn accent. We have been saying things like “Headlines don’t sell papes….. Newsies sell papes!”, “Will you keep that candle BOYNIN?” and the word “poisons” instead of persons is one of our favorites!

I should probably stop ranting about Newsies, but Katie said I should post about our new Newsies love so there it is. The best worst movie of 1992! I really recommend it, you just have to give it a chance and over look its faults (of which there are many). Even if you only see it because Christian Bale and his fellow newsies are quite fine, you should watch it. Some of the songs are fun, and the choreography is hilarious at times, whoever arranged it really liked pelvic thrusts!


4 thoughts on ““Headlines don’t sell papes….. Newsies sell papes!”

  1. OMG Newsies!!! i love it!! Pelvic Thrusts!! yay! im going to ake a blog too. Now that i know how to do it, i’m probably going to be posting a lot of stupid stuff. I totally love this whole blog site. It is sooooo fing cool. i love it! Especially the newsies. I wish there was a Newsie background for wordpress. that would be so cool!!
    “Ain’t it a fine life, Carryin’ the Banner through it all!?!”


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