Partners in Crime, Unwanted Snow, and Second Socks

For all American Doctor Who lovers without BBCA I assume you watched the season opener (excluding the Christmas special) of Doctor who on SciFi tonight. I didn’t like Donna (Catherine Tate) at all during last years (or was it the year before?) Christmas special; but I tried to give her a chance when I sat down to watch Partners in Crime (BBC page). I was just getting used to Martha, and getting quite attached then BAMN, here is Donna again, who I didn’t like in the first place.

After two hours of soccer my friend Pickle (oddly enough that is what people really call him) picked my up from practice and we drove to the store. There we got some cupcake necessities and two gallons of milk, then headed to my house. For The season closer last year (sound of the drums? I think that was it?) Pickle and I made a  TARDIS cake, so for the opener we followed that line of thought and made Doctor Who Cupcakes!

As Usual we didn’t have enough blue coloring (the entire bottle) to create the perfect TARDIS color, but they still turned out cool. Not all the cupcakes had TARDIS’s though, my favorite was the one that says “Come back rose”. Also I make a Newsie cupcake for my friend Katie!

This post is very out of order, but I will now discussthe episode, finally. I didn’t particularly like the episode, I didn’t like it as a season opener and I didn’t really like it over all. The only part I freaked out a bit at was (SPOILER, so don’t read if you care at all not to) when Donna told a blond (all you see is the back of her head) about a trash can, then the woman turns around and…… dun dun dun (drum roll)…… its ROSE! I went wild, my dad thought I had been hurt or something and Pickle gave me a strange look. I love it, that was one of the most exciting bits of news about the new season, that Rose would return. (SPOILER is over). Also about the episode (as it’s not very important I don’t think I need to write spoiler.), the Adipose were soooooooo cute! I suppose I will finish my Doctor Who rant and talk about the snow and my knitting a bit.

The oddest thing happened sometime during the day. This morning it was clear and had the promise of a good day in the sky, but by the time lunch rolled around it was drizzling and chilly. Then after practice the drizzle had turned to snow and the weather was getting worse and worse. At home there were a few inches of snow, which over all isn’t that much. The reason that this is a shocker is that is is the end of April and every thing was just melting. We weren’t hit that badly but in Anchorage they got quite a dump and had a deadly road accident. Very odd weather indeed.

My second sock is pretty near completion and (if I am say so myself) it is looking pretty awesome! I hope I will be done with it by Monday, when I might even wear them to school! I actually don’t have much to say about my awesome sock except here are some random pictures of it.

Wow, that was long and mostly useless post, but there it is. Tomorrow I am helping at a triathlon and then we have prom (the theme being something about a harvest moon?), my date being the same friend Pickle who watched DW with me tonight.


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