Pope Joan

Name: Pope Joan
Author: Donna Woolfolk Cross
Publisher: Crown Publishers INC.
Original Publish Date: 1996
Pages: 422
Stars: ****

Last summer my friend Allison read this book and adored it, I laughed at her; a female pope, ridiculous, and I refused to read it. I still don’t necessarily believe that that this female pope ever existed, as a Catholic (not very stanch or devoted) I hate to think that the church would cover something so profound as that up (although I am sure they probably have about somethings). Actually more than that I just find the story so unbelievable, a female pope? A lovely legend, and if true, a lovely piece of forgotten history. However while perusing the shelves of the small public library I say Pope Joan and was intrigued, so I picked it up and checked it out. I devoured Pope Joan, I really loved it. Pope Joan is the story of a girl who love to learn and was forever trodden upon by people around her, telling she couldn’t read, or write or learn; it defied nature. All except her brother Matthew and a handsome protector and future lover Gerold. She excelled in schooling in the early ninth century, and was held back and shunned until she disguises herself as a man and joins a monastery. Needless to say she becomes the pope, although the journey she takes is surprising as is the biazzar ending that follows. Over all a very enlightening read that I highly recommend.

Also in my search for a picture for this post I found a page on IMDB about a movie based on the book due for 2009. There is also a 1972 Version of the legend, not related to the book, I haven’t seen either of these, but they look interesting. (a little note, I added the 1972 version to my netflix queue!)


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