Does it ever end?

I thought that the Long form would be the worst, that no paperwork would compare, in stress or length or importance….. WRONG. I got my nice (or not so nice) gray envelope (with visa and general stuff) today. I was very excited to open it and did so in the presence of my friend Pickle and my father while my mother watched Spanish soap operas. The contents were exciting and yet very stressfull, filled with all sorts of deadlines and bolded all capitals writing shouting out THIS IS IMPORTANT. So now I am once again stuck in a deep hole of paperwork, including needing notarized signatures, my passport and passport pictures (I don’t know if the ones I have are alright or not). Luckily I have the next two days off to stew in misery and excitement while figuring out very complicated and IMPORTANTpaperwork. I just want to skip all this in between stuff and leave! I will miss my friends (especially Pickle, Katie and Nat) and my Family terribly but I still want to just leave!

Oh, did I mention……. some of it is ONLY in HUNGARIAN! As if the paperwork wasn’t bad enough!


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