First Host Family

I got a letter today in the mail which contained copies of several pages from my long form, including my Country Guarantee and First Host family information and a letter from the Rotary Exchange Hungarian Chairman (in this case I think its a woman).

The Exciting information in this letter was about my first host family. I was actually quite surprised when I read the names. I knew the last name sounded familiar, and once I looked down at a little box labeled “Names and ages of any other adults in the home”, and saw the name of my host brother, and I knew who it was. I never thought in a million years that I would stay with the one and only Hungarian I know. On one hand I am a bit pleased because I will at least know one person, even if I have only met them once and I will have help with my Hungarian; but on the other hand it seems a bit weird that I will be living with him. Either way I was excited to find out more information! (oh for anyone who never read my post on Shussout in January, my host brother is the Hungarian Inbound in Alaska.

The bad news from the letter is that I will apparently be requiring other visas (WTF?). The following is exact (capitalization and all) wording from the letter……

“There will be trips to european countries offered by Rotary, school and host family. For students requiring entry visa to the Schengen countries (all the countries of Western Europe) multiple entry visa (to the Schengen countries) must be obtained prior to coming to Hungary.”

Wow, this sucks, just more to do. And I haven’t even sent in my Hungarian visa application yet! As for my awful Hungarian is isn’t getting much better I know like five words and no grammar. I am totally screwed! But despite all of this I am still excited and am just trying not to dwell on the paperwork.

Tomorrow is my Friday and I have a hair appointment and need to go get a visa photo taken, so at least I am being productive. Now I am going to go finish watching the last episode of season one of Upstairs Downstairs, and then study a bit of Hungarian.


One thought on “First Host Family

  1. Hi Nicole

    I happened to bump into your blog – very interesting! :-)

    I live in Budapest and I am a yank (like yourself, I assume) – I am curious why you need a Visa for Hungary? How long will you be staying? It is best to go to the US Embassy website to find the answers

    Remember, Hungary is in the Schengen area now.


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