A viszontlátásra

A viszontlátásra was my word of the day, I repeated it constantly and said it to my coworkers dozens of times each, some of them thought I was mad. It didn’t really matter that A viszontlátásra means goodbye (formaly) I still repeated it constantly. But now I know it and that is the important bit. Tomorrow and friday are my days off and by Saturday I want to know (pronunciation and spelling) the following,

Numbers (at least 1-10)
Days of the week

And I think thats about all I can handle in two days. Friday is a new Doctor who so I am looking forward to that, especilly because in the little teaser for after last weeks it had a little clip with a blond girl calling the doctor dad!

In addition to annoying my coworkers (who are ever understanding and supportive; well mostly) I got my hair cut today and my official visa photos taken.


2 thoughts on “A viszontlátásra

  1. Egy kettö három négy öt hat hét nyolc kilenc tíz!

    There you go, there are the numbers, 1-10! They’re definitely branded into my brain… Haha.

  2. If you need help, just say :)
    Days of the week: hétfő (monday), kedd, szerda, csütörtök, péntek, szombat, vasárnap
    Months: január, február, március, április, május, június, július, augusztus, szeptember, október, november, december
    piros – red
    kék – blue
    fehér – white
    fekete – black
    lila – purple
    rózsaszín – rose
    barna – brown
    narancs – orange
    zöld – green
    szürke – grey

    If you are wondering of spelling, you can look after here:
    (choose: kiejtés a szócikkben)

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