Howl’s Moving Castle

Name: Howl’s Moving Castle
Author: Diana Wynne Jones
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Original Publish Date: 1986
Pages: 212
Stars: 4.5 (out of 5)

I rented the movie Howls moving castle on netflix a few weeks ago and watched it with my friend Pickle, and I simple fell in love with it. Thus after realizing that it was based on a book by Diana Wynne Jones, I decided to goseek it out at one of my favorite places the small public library. Luckilly they had the book which was rather thinner than I expected and I began reading it the same day, forgetting about the several dozen other books I had waiting (and still do mostly) to read.

The book was quite different from the movie, while still carrying the same points. I must admit that I did like the book exponentially more so than the movie. The movie on its own is wonderful and I loved it, but compared to the book, it just doesn’t live up to the same standard. There are several main plot lines that were condensed or completely removed from the movie, presumably to cut down on running time. One example of this is that the black blob on the handle doesn’t lead to some black weird space, instead it leads to wales England; Howls home. There was wonderful character development in the story, of both Sophie and the playboy Howl. Over all a very enjoyable read that I highly recommend!


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