The Kitchen Boy

Name: The Kitchen Boy
Author: Robert Alexander
Publisher: Penguin Books
Original Publish Date: 2003
Pages: 229
Stars: 5.5 (out of 5)

Sometimes it is difficult for me to describe books, and the kitchen boy is one of those uniquely complex ones, that seems beyond words. On the Surface The Kitchen boy is an eloquently told story about the last days of the Romanov’s, from the point of view of their kitchen boy, and the old man he has become since. That part alone is heartbreaking and beautifully told; to give away even a hint of the deeper even more heartbreaking story is to reveal the entire mystery and would ruin the book. Because of this I will end this not very informational review by simply saying I highly recommend this novel as a beautiful and heartbreaking (have I used that word enough I wonder in this post, but it is true!) tale of the personal struggles of a man dealing with guilt resulting from his actions more than 75 years ago, which in his mind, helped lead to the end of a dynasty. I just can not say anymore, Alexander has an intense style of writing that draws the reader in wholly, and makes it impossible not to love not only Leonka, but also the entire Romanov family. (For better information about the book follow the link connected to the Title of the book above.)


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