Finished Black House Socks, via Flickr

Finished Black Socks1, Originally uploaded by me!

So I hooked Flickr up to my blog and decided to share a picture of my finished socks since I have never done that before. The only let down of picture posting from flickr is that I can only post one picture per post, which sucks. Alas, one can’t have everything.

I am about to leave and go to a fairwell party for a German exchange student, Anika. I can only hope that I am so well liked this time next year. It is times like this that make me wish that I was going to a small town, but I am sure I can find a nice community inside the large metropolitan of Budapest if I try!

Also I have Just started reading the novel 1984 by George Orwell, once again putting aside Sense and Sensibility for the millionth time in several months. My cousin recommended it to me during her recent say here, and thus far I am very intrigued.


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