Host Family Comunication

I have gotten the most wonderful emails from my host family in the past week or so. Although I have been in contact with my host brother since January, I have been hesitant to contact the rest of the family. Well I got over that fear and wrote my first email to my host mother several weeks ago (or maybe less). Since then I have gotten two wonderful emails from her and more recently several from my host sister. Unfortunately I won’t get to meet my host sister (at least not this year), because she will be in the US this year for her exchange. Anyway the communication has brighten my spirits and lifted my heart!

Also today in even better news I recieved an email from the lady at the travel agency that deals with the outbounds to Hungary. Anyway, this is what it said…….

All your paperwork is in order, and is now ready to be sent off to the consulate!  The consulate will have the final say as to the acceptance of the paperwork.  I will be in touch if more documents are needed, as the Consulate may add/delete requirements at any time.  Now the waiting process begins!   I will be in touch soon.

Take care, and have a great day!
Best regards

My last piece of good Hungarian related news is that I finally received an shipment I ordered from amazon a while ago. This shipment contained the following…

Items shipped on June 27, 2008:
Delivery estimate: July 9, 2008
1 package via ParcelPool

  • 1 of: Hungarian-English/English-Hungarian Concise Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary)
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: Hungary – Culture Smart!: a quick guide to customs and etiquette (Culture Smart!)
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: Just Enough Hungarian
    Sold by:, LLC
  • 1 of: Laminated Budapest City Streets Map by Borch
    Sold by:, LLC

Since I am on a long Hungary thread I will continue with my Hungarian learning goals for my day off tomorrow.

1. Study Vowel Harmony
2. Memorize the numbers 1-10
3. learn 5 other words
4. Create Flash Cards for Vocabulary


2 thoughts on “Host Family Comunication

  1. Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you’ll be coming to Hungary AND you are from Alaska. Well, I thought that was too much of a coincidence to ignore so I’m leaving a comment thing. (I don’t really use this site so I have no idea if you’ll even get it). So, anyway I’m from Wasilla, just graduated from the Highschool there, now I’m in Hungary with my dad and I’ll be in Budapest for college this year. So, add me on myspace or e-mail me or something. I speak pretty good Hungarian so if you’ll be in Budapest and have any trouble I guess can you can give me a call.


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