Library of my Dreams (after the Beast’s that is)

bookshelf spectrum, revisited, originally uploaded by chotda.

This is just the most amazing picture I have seen in ages. Today since I got home from work I have spent a bit too much time fiddling around on flickr; thus I found this. This picture and the group “Rainbow of Books” has inspired me to waste part of my day off tomorrow and rearrange all of my books by color. I just can not gush about this picture enough, it is amazing. I have fallen in love with that room too, I dream about libraries like that! And as the title says this is my number two favorite library of all time; coming in close right behind the Beast’s from Beauty and the Beast!

oh here’s a link to a page about the rights of this picture….. blah blah blah. I don’t really understand legal matters, I just don’t want to break the law, or whatever.
so check the link out just so you know…..


2 thoughts on “Library of my Dreams (after the Beast’s that is)

  1. my books are arranged by color, too! after having seen one photo i couldnt leave my books ordered by author, it was to- heartless. everyone now seeing my book shelves starts laughing, which is a great effect in my eyes. :D

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