The Weasel King

So I have just spent a few hours downloading all of the Weasel Kings music, and I am in love! Although I have heard his music before and liked it quite a bit; it took until today when I was bored and cruising Wizard Rock myspaces to remember Him. So I just started downloading from his site, much more reliable than myspace. I am just in love with his voice and lyrics; awesome by any standards. I know that a wizard rock album is especially good when my slightly evil sister who hates wizard rock (but likes harry potter, I think she just doesn’t like it because I do, plus she has no gumption and would be embarrassed) admits that “it isn’t that bad”. She and many other people don’t see that Wizard Rock isn’t just singing Harry potter this, Harry Potter that; there is so much more. If you just gave it a try, there is amazing music of ever genre!


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