Top 10 Things to do in Anchorage, Alaska


This post is for whomever searched “what to do in anchorage” on my blog a few days ago. Although I don’t live in Anchorage I have in the past and whenever I visit there are a few things I must do. Please keep in mind this is not a list for tourists as you would want to do other things. But if you are in Anchorage and just looking for something to do, and want to scout out may favorite things be my guest!

  1. The Z. J. Loussac Public Library, heaven in a building, oh but do you pay dearly in fines!
  2. The Diamond Mall
  3. Borders Books and Music
  4. Costco (In know weird addition, but as most smaller towned Alaskans, when we go to Anchorage we shop, and we shop in bulk! Plus there are tons of fun things to do in Costco. like…..
    a. Eat all the free food
    b. Test everything there is to test
    c. when all else fails, take a nap on one of the display couches, deck swings, desk chairs ectera, while whomever finishes shopping.)
  5. Far North Yarn Company, the awesomest yarn store in Anchorage (on spenard, so be careful)
  6. The Alaska Zoo (well that is kind of Touristy, but still, I love it, even though it has been years!)
  7. See a movie at Century 16 (I remember when it opened….. wow, I went to see bugs life!)
  8. See an Aces Game, they usually lose, but it’s fun anyway
  9. The Museum of History and Art, an awesome place, I haven’t been there in ages (on my to do list)!
  10. And last but not least, the Imaginarium. A cool place for a all ages, not just for kids! Once again I haven’t been there in ages but, it is amazing, I don’t actually know what to say about it.

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