98. Climb to the VERY top of Mt. Marathon

Top3, originally uploaded by saknicole.

Another goal off of my 101 list! Tuesday was just a wonderful day, for several reasons; however in this post I will only write about my triumphant hike.

Honestly I had never been to the top of MT. Marathon; but after work on Tuesday I accomplished the impossible. Tuesday was one of, if not the most beautiful day we have had all summer. So after work I made up my mind to traverse the mountain; I called my cousin Tyler and we headed up. We took the jeep trail and went down the chute, and all things considered it took us just over 3 hours to go up and down. We took up each a nalgene bottle and a cliff bar, other than that it was just us and the mountain!

I have dozens of pictures of the trip, most of them viewable on my flickr. To Wrap up this very scattered post, it was wonderful and well worth the slight aching of my body I feel now. There are other views I would post, but alas I can only post one at a time from flickr; so just click one of my flickr links to look at more.

As a side note on flickr, I upgraded; so I am now Pro!


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