Yesterday with utter excitement I read an email from Kiersten at its your world travel that said the following

Hello!!!  I have great news your visa arrived from the consulate!!!  I am working on your itinerary and will have that off to you today or tomorrow!!!  I just wanted to let you know that your long wait for your visa is over!  I will be in touch with your itinerary as soon as possible!  Thanks and I appreciate your patience.  Have a great day and you better get packing!

Best regards,


When I got home from Cross Country practice there was a message on the machine from my Dad saying “Nicole call me as soon as you get this” (or something like that). So I did, and he asked if I had gotten the email……. MY ITINERARY! I dashed to the computed and check my email; and there it was the sacred email its self.



      AIR: 29 AUG 08  FRIDAY  

           ALASKA                  FLT:  84    CONFIRMED  NONSTOP   

           LV:ANCHORAGE INTL        AT:1130A   MILES – 1448

           AR:SEATTLE               AT: 354P           



      AIR: 29 AUG 08  FRIDAY  

           BRITISH AWYS            FLT:  48    CONFIRMED  NONSTOP   

           LV:SEATTLE               AT: 645P   MILES – 4801

           AR:LON / HEATHROW        AT:1145A   ON 30 AUG



      AIR: 30 AUG 08  SATURDAY

           BRITISH AWYS            FLT: 868    CONFIRMED  NONSTOP    

           LV:LON / HEATHROW        AT: 200P   MILES –  927

           AR:BUDAPEST              AT: 535P           




So for those of you who are math challenged that is just 6 days! (5 if you consider that I am driving up to Anchorage on Thursday night!)Also that is 7176 miles of Flying!

I am just utterly excited; just impossibly and utterly excited; but it still doesn’t seem real. I don’t think it will until I am on my way to Seattle.

I should dash and go pack, I have no idea how I am going to fit everything!


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