Offically Inbound!

So here I am! I flew alone on 2 of my three flights then after an hour or so of nervousness and freaking out in Heathrows terminal 5, I finally found a group of students! Well they found me. There were four; two girls, and two guys.

My first host family consists of The father, the Mother, and the brother. There is also a sister whose room I have, but she is in on exchange as well this year. My room is beautiful, high ceilings, light purple textured walls, beautiful everything.  I couldn’t be happier with my room. It seems that it is the nicest in the house, which makes me feel a bit guilty, but as it was ms host sisters room already I don’t feel as bad at taking it.

Everyone is very nice, but I don’t quite know how to act towards them. I am still in the über nice phase where I am constantly tiptoeing around and trying to be perfect. Not that I won’t stive for perfection later, it’s just that right now I am on edge and a bit stiff and overly causious.

I am excited for school to start tomorrow. Each day I am to ride the metro alone to my school (which is in Buda, and I live in Pest). Tomorrow morning though my host mom will take me on the metro to show me the way. Then my host brother will pick me up from school and ride the metro home with me again. I am excited to be indepentant and to ride the metro alone. At the moment the prospect terrifies me a bit, but it also excites me greatly too.

Some more random information is that my room has a full set of Harry Potter books in it, which is quite wonderful. 1-6 is in Hungarian and deathly hallows is in english.

From what I have seen of the city so far (which is not much) it is beautiful and I truely yearn to explore on my own or with a friend.

I am sure there are a thousand more things I could write, but I don’t want to spend too much time online and I just can’t think of that much more at the moment.

So for everyone that knows me, I am safe and happy in Budapest, Hungary; and I miss you all!


2 thoughts on “Offically Inbound!

  1. Hi My Nicolina, I love your blog, you are so smart, and you write so good. I think you should be a writer!!!! I miss you a lot, and I know things will get better, and you’ll be having the time of your life. I will keep checking out your blog every day for new updates. Be boldog!

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