The Metro

It looks glamorous and enviable in movies and tv shows about big cities. Somehow the heroin mantains her lovely hair and composure. No sweat visable on her pristinly made up face or fashionable clothes. Nothing  could be further from the truth. Every day I enter the smelly, hot, and terrribly crowed subway. And everyday I make the same journey. Five stops on kék line (blue line) then at daék tér I switch over to pirös for two stops and a journey under the Duna (danube) to Battany tér. At first I was in love with the metro; only ever seeing romaticized versions of the subway and underground in books, movies and tv shows. Not that they all made it seem glamourus; I was just nieve enough to think the people, grunge, and “atmosphere” was.However despite my grievences with the Budapest metro, I am still in love with it. I love the ease of traveling across the city without a car, of being totally indepentant, the steady movement of the train, and the like clockwork schedule, so a traffic jam never slows you down. Given all the ups and downs of the Budapest Metro System, I think that it is an indespensible part of this city. Without it I have now idea how I would get around. I think that the hour a day or so I spend on the metro is well worth the rewards and benifites of this city.

-Oh, did I mention the ridiculous wind tunnel affect? It is like an angry ogre exhales down the tunnel ever time a train is coming in. I must admite, this is actually nice sometimes, when the heat of the platform and people packed in around you is nearly unbearable.


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