Patriotic Charade and the VP Debates

Patriotic Charade, originally uploaded by saknicole.

In honor of the upcoming American presidential election I am posting this picture of my first finished lovely charade sock; with the backround of an american flag. The flag honestly isn’t mine though, it came with the room, as my host sister (whose room I have) is in the US right now. I actually didn’t bring any American flags with me, just a ton of Alaskan flags. What can I say, I have a thing for those “eight stars of gold, on a field of blue”.

As for the sock, well I am halfway done with the pair now, well more as I am an inch or so past the cuff of the second sock. I am adoring the first sock right now, and I really hope I don’t run into troubles with how much yarn I have left. I have long feet for a girl and thus take up more yarn. But as I am in Hungary, I don’t have access to the same yarns, so if I run out I think I will just use whatever I can find for the toe.

To combat my long feet I only knit the leg to 5inches instead of 7, but I still don’t think I will have enough.

On the topic of knitting, I attended another wonderful instalment of the Budapest International Knitting group. We have been meeting at California Coffee Company, which is one of my favorites. This week we had a large group. The only person I hadn’t met was Tanya, who Russian and hadn’t attend a meeting since I started. So all together it was kriszta, Annet, Dinara (back from Italy, with yarn and magazines!), Jenny, and me of course!

I have still not gone to any yarn shops here, so I can’t give a report on that, and I will save all other non-knitting (and presidential) news for another post and day.

As usual seeing all of their wonderful knits and their talent both inspired me and depressed me (at me lack of knitting talent). I hope that with their experienced help I will be able to tackle a garment this year! Hopefully Kriszta will try one too, then we can be confused together!

Lastly, did anyone watch the VP debates? It is going to be on live here on the BBC, but as it will be live, it will be really late here, and I figure I should get some sleep. I am kind of interested to see how Sarah Palin will do. Despite the fact that I kind of think she would be disaster in the white house (just not enough experience is all), I still want her to kick ass in this debate!


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