Almost 7 weeks later

Well as one can guess from the title of this post, I have been inbound for almost 7 weeks. So one may wonder how my life has been here in Hungary; what is different. All the usual questions. Looking back at my previous posts I shamefully see a lack of posts really talking about my time here. I have posted some blurps, about the metro, and the theater, and my knitting; but I think that is it. So I will attempt to give a bit of flavor in my discription of life here in Hungary.

To most people I think Hungary seems pretty foriegn (obviously it is), more foriegn than say France or Germany. Some people have this false idea of eastern, or centeral Europe in their mind. Before I arrived in Hungary I didn’t know much either. No amount of research can truely prepare one for the actual expiriance of crossing culture and cultural imersion. Not that I am negating research, research away, research is good, it is great; and it helps soften the shock of it all. I think I am rambing abit, but I really don’t know how to sum anything up; I never was good a summaries, always making them too drawn out or too terse.

As I was saying most westerners, even many western europeans have this vision of a sort of dirty, poor and  depressingly post communistic eastern europe. On the contrary, eastern europe, particularly Hungary (well, that is mostly because it is the only place I have any athority over, not that I do have and athority over Hungary) is modern, viberant and just well so full of life; so far removed from the misconseptions of foriegners. The Hungarian people for the most part are warm and welcoming, and generous (sometimes to a fault). They are encouraging and always offering help to any foriegner brave enough to try their self-acknowledge difficult, yet beautiful language.

From what I have experianced thus far in my time here in Budapest, I have seen many things about the Hungarian people, and culture that I love; and serveral that I am not altogether fond of. Hungarians are very proud people, proud of their long history and unique language.

Most Hungarians I have met are pretty accomplished linguists, knowing at least one other language with near fluency. Maybe it is just because I come from a sort of culture where most of my aquantinces know just english, or enough spanish to get them through their 2 week vacation in Mexico. (now I am not saying this is altogether bad, I am the same way), but I am still impressed by the intense effort that goes into the language studies of not only students, but adults as well. There are dozens of language schools in Budapest alone (maybe more), you can learn English, or French, or Hungarian is you are really brave! I think mostly this post is sounding stupid, but I am trying.

Here are some basics on the Hungarian langauge (which I know basicly nothing of, dispite the fact that I have been here for 7 weeks). The most difficult concepts for english (and any other similarly grammared language) speakers to grasps are things like: vowel harmony, major suffixes, indeffinate and deffinate verb conjegations, the flexability of word order, the vowel sounds, and basicly everything else! I’d explain each of these, but I neither have the patience or a proficient knowledge of them to do that. Besides the grammar many words are long and complex. One word can mean the same as an entire sentence in English.

A bit about my expericance with Hungarian culture.


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