Care Package

Care package, originally uploaded by saknicole.

I am off to spain today, and decided to finally post something before I left. I actually have a post I have been trying to write, but I am just lost for words and never know what to say. So for now I will briefly write about my care package. Last week (I think, time moves so oddly here) my mum (and dad I suppose) sent a lovely care package with a man they new was coming to Budapest.

I had just been running with a friend on Margite Segit so I hustled over to the slightly creepy pest, Nebligét bus station to meet him. I recieved a GIANT green back of stuff. I couldn’t wait to get home and explore the bag. For more information on what was in the package look at the picture on Flickr, becuase it has notes attached to it.

I was happy to recieve everything, especially the chocolate (OMG, the fancy tourist choolate that I had never had before had COFFEE on it! YUM) , my sweater and the salmon!

The tattered books you see there are my spanish Verb book (in better condition) and my spanish dictionary (in worse condition). My dictionary dates back to the mid eighties sometime I think, as it once belonged to my father (in the days he was trying to woo my mother I think). I found a recipt from Target from June of 1991 (months before I was even born), not for the dictionary, but batteries; so the dictionary is probably older. It is missing the cover, back and several pages in the back. Pretty soon I will be missing the first few pages of a’s; so if I ever need to know what “abasto” means, I will just be out of luck.

So that is my package rant. I am now going to go take a shower, finish packing for Spain, and go to school several hours late.


2 thoughts on “Care Package

  1. I live in Texas, am in Edinburgh at the moment and am traveling to Budapest on Monday. My husband will be out of town (Budapest) on November 6, 7, 8. I was wondering if you knew of any interesting knitting places to visit. I will be staying at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace and could have the hotel car take me wherever I wanted to go.

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