Trip to Spain, and some other stuff

I suppose this update is rather overdue (like my library books always are), but I felt ridiculous writing when it seemed like there was nothing to write about. Just a few hours ago (6:30 this morning) I arrived back from a school trip to Spain. We were on the bus most of the time, and I never want to set foot on one again honestly. I rather feel I need a vacation to recover from the trip; it was very high pace, lots of moving and traveling. Spain was beautiful though. To get there and back we drove through Austria, Italy, France and Monaco. We stayed a night in Canne and explored Monte Carlo a bit on the way home as well. In Spain we spent time in Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. Spain is a beautiful country, and it was nice to understand some conversation around me for once.

One of the best things that came out of the trip was that I met two very nice girls, who helped me with my Hungarian and both speak fluent English. It is always so nice here to make new friends here, as it seems so much more difficult to do so than it was at home. I found oddly enough that towards the end of the trip I was just wanting to be back in Budapest, where I can just walk all day without hearing “Siettek” (Hurry Up). Plus one of the things I LOVE about Budapest is the public transport, and the fact that I never have to drive in a car. Truly I don’t like driving much, well I like driving, just not ridding in cars.

In other news I am quite alone for the next few weeks as my best friend here in Budapest is off traveling for a while. I am happy for her, but a tad lonely nonetheless.

This update is looking pretty shit, I am sorry. I heard a funny saying yesterday. “The devil invented Hungarian while he was drunk” It sounds plausible. I think I have heard that before, though I can’t remember where. I Hungarian is still shit, sometimes it feels like I will never learn to speak well. I feel like an idiot when people talk to me, I just smile and nod like I understand.

At times I feel like a bad exchange student, a sort of failure for not knowing the language by now, or for feeling sad or homesick. I really do love it here in Hungary, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult. I can’t regret my choice in being here though, because the good far outshines the shit. The amazing people I am meeting. The strangers that reach out their hands, just because they care. It really makes you see the bigger picture.

If any prospective outbounds read this than I want to say that if you are not going to be in your Junior or Senior year while you are away, wait. It is hard enough being almost 17 in a pretty liberal central/eastern European country, but it is even more difficult when you are younger. When you are away you want more freedom, and you are less likely to have it if you are barely 15 or 16. Really, I am saying this because once you arrive you will wish you had waited. Also, who want to go back for 2 (!) more years of high school?

I really love Budapest, the city is just so alive and lived in. It is dirtier I suppose than many of its more western counterparts, but I love it all the same. Budapest has such life and history, that is always encompassing you, wherever you go.

Lastly, I am still surprised when people ask me about Sarah Palin, 6 months ago no one would care about our Governor; but now she is internationally news worthy. I even have a news paper from the day I arrived with Sarah on the Front page. Also many people seem to think that they should always tell me how the politics in the us should change, or what is wrong with them, or the people, or who should win the election. It is difficult to defend ones self sometimes in the face of such strong international opinions. But for the most part people aren’t too rude about it, just curious; all eyes are defiantly on the United States in the next few day. Everyone want to know what is going to happen on the 4th. I seems strange to me to be observing such am important event in my country from an international vantage point. No matter who you are voting for, just remember to go out and do it.

This post is the majority of my most recent update that I sent home, I only took out some specifics. Honestly I am just feeling too lazy to write a separate update for a post. So to anyone who actually knows me and receives said emails, sorry for the repeat.


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