The Winter Holidays

I will try to write this sequentially and not get out of order, which may be a bit difficult, but I will try.

I enjoyed a rather quiet snowless Christmas consisting of a lots of sleeping, reading, a quiet dinner with the family, presents and then some more sleep. I spent most of the day just lounging about and not leaving the house at all. I had given all my holiday love to my friends over tea the previous day, and several days before, so there was nothing compelling enough to make me leave the house and brave the dreadful (well not so much compared to home) cold. So I just mopped around, not really homesick, just bored.

I had woken up late because I had been up until the wee hours of the morning putting my finishing touches on the wisp for my host mother. I actually didn’t block it as I didn’t have enough time, but I do think it turned out just fine anyway.

Winter wisp by the window1, originally uploaded by saknicole.

If anyone is wondering my Christmas reading consisted of finishing Hood by: Stephen R. Lawhead before dinner and reading all of Mary Reily by: Valerie Martin after (staying up quite late to do so in fact).
After showering and dressing I recorded a stupid little video of me saying some Christmas stupidity and uploaded that to youtube, then
Dinner was a quiet, oddly formal affair with me, my host parents, and host brother sitting in our usual spots, but looking quite different. We all dressed up for the night, even wearing shoes in the house (which is rather taboo in this family). We ate the usual Hungarian Christmas dishes including Halazle (sp?) (fish soup), and a few other courses as well. The table was made up rather nicely, and we sat in the kitchen eating with dull American Christmas music playing in the background.
After cakes we moved to the napoli (living room) and traded presents. I gave my host father a bottle of wine and a ball cap from Alaska, my host mom the knit wisp (pictured above) and my host brother a nice large box of Alaskan salmon my mother had sent for just that reason.
My host parents gave me a small green book on Budapest and a box of raspberry filled chocolates.  From my host brother I received a nice blue Hungarian classics children’s book about a stork.
After the Christmas presents I retired to bed where as I already mentioned I stayed up late with Mary Reily.
Christmas day consisted of more laziness and little productivity, this continued through to mid day the 26th when I finally dragged myself out of the house to meet a Hungarian friend of mine name Noemi.
Noemi is a wonderfully unique Hungarian, so full of life and color, willing to smile at strangers and loves modern dance. We went to here flat and watched Finding Neverland, which in its self made the day wonderful. Another discovery about Noemi that makes me like her all the more is that she is not obsessed with slippers, and just walks around in socks or barefoot inside.

I will pick up my rather dull holiday narative on the 29th when a Kiwi friend of mine from another town arrived to stay with me over new year. On my birthday (the 30th) we had coffee in the morning at my favorite place (The coffee shop company) with my Argentine friend Sofia and my Australian friend Ally. After that we waited in line for four hours in the dreadful cold to see the Boodies exhibition, then ran home and back to the center to join the rest of my friends at Gödor for a Balkanic music concert known as Balkan beats. The Concert was great, and I recieved wonderful presents from all of my friends, including a bracelt from my friend sofia, a necklace from Ally, and Tales of Beedle the Bard from a Hungarian friend. It was a pretty good night all together.

The next night being new years was interesting as well, I spent most of it in a street party with some of my friends, the streets of Budapest were filled to the brim with people, Hungarian and foreigners alike. With fireworks and noisemakers the night was quite alive with sound and commotion, and hope for the new year.


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