This is (a piece of) Budapest

Well not all of Budapest, it is a city, of beautiful buildings and parks and monuments, but there is also the other Budapest, where you one doesn’t often go, not so far away from the other Budapest, just a few streets away. I took all of these pictures on the 16th of January 2009, while roaming the streets with my friends Sofia and Gill.






*I would like to add now as an after note, that as I tried to make clear above this is not all of Budapest, this is just part of Budapest, there are less beautiful parts of Budapest, it is an urban environment and not a perfect city, and with all that it come with I love it. I wouldn’t change Budapest, even though there are bits that one doesn’t love visiting everyday, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still there coexisting with the grand architecture, amazing monuments and the beautiful Duna.


4 thoughts on “This is (a piece of) Budapest

    • I agree that this is not all of Budapest, that is why I wrote that it is just a small part that one does not often see. I rarely see this part of the city actually, but it is how I saw part of the city that one day.

  1. Well, you must have been in 8th district… This is the worst part of Budapest. However, this is the poorest district… The buildings weren’t renewed since the 2nd world war. It’s a bit like Bronx… A good advice: never get lost in 8th district after dawn…

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