Hungarian Theater….part two


I am a theater nut now! I have gone to 6 shows (I think) since I have moved in with my current family in January. They have all been musicals in Hungarian that I have attended with my anyu (mother), I have adored those evenings more than just about anything else this year. As those who know me may remember I love musicals, so now that I have the chance to see so many live shows I am absolutely loving it. Lucky for me anyu is just as in love with the theater, so most weeks we go to at least one show together, sometimes accompanied with a friend of hers, but mostly just by ourselves. Living where we do, we normally just walk to which ever theater (there are quite a few actually, mostly smaller ones) our show is in that night, and back home afterwards.

The shows I have attended in order are….

Macskak (Cats)
Oltári srácok (Alter Boys)
Tavaszébredés (Spring Awakening)
Menyasszonytánc (Bridal Dance)
Rómeó és Júlia (Romeo and Juliet)

If I had to say which show was my favorite it would definitely be Tavaszébredés, but I couldn’t actually say that that was the best performance. The best in all matters in my opinion was Menysszonytánc, because first of all it was originally Hungarian so the words and music sounded great, and the story was so wonderfully Hungarian, and lastly the dancing and theme was so unique and wonderful that I couldn’t resist falling in love.

And yet, as I mentioned my favorite is still Tavaszébredés, probably because Spring Awakening is one of my favorite musicals in English and I always wanted to see it performed. So finally sitting there in the fifth row in a Hungarian theater watching what I had seen only in my imaginings, right before me, was well just amazing. It was so amazing, that although I think that Menyasszonytánc was the best technically, Tavaszébredés still stole my heart away.

I really love the Hungarian theater system, and how everyone has their favorite actors, and you can see the same actors in two different plays in a weeks time. That everyone is everywhere and the actors continually astound me at their flexibility and versatility in changing parts so frequently. My favorite actors are Angler Balázs and Pirgel Dávid, the latter of whom I have seen in three different shows thus far. (Just a note on Hungarian names, the order is reversed to our western order, so when ever I have written Hungarian names for the most part they are all given in the Hungarian order, last then first)

My most interesting experience at the theater so far has been ironically at my least favorite show, Oltári srácok, which most of the plot seemed to sail right over my head. But there was a part when one of the men came into the audience and plucked me out of the first row and led me onstage, to be sat down, sang to and proposed to by these five men (one of which was Pirgel Dávid). It was rather fun and nerve racking up there with them above me singing, I remember one of the men playing with my dangling white earring as another one spoke to me. The cutest of them (and least flamboyant), asked me my name and I was so flustered that I couldn’t answer so he switched to English and I managed to stutter out my name and that I was from Alaska. After a minute or two (that seemed an hour) they gave me a slightly sweaty handkerchief with the shows name on it in red letters, and I hurried back to my seat, all the sudden more interested in the show.

If you are a foreigner visiting Budapest or planing to don’t be discouraged about visiting the theater because you wont understand. I recommend that everyone should visit the Operett(szinhaz/theater) because they have English text to go along with the Hungarian, a sort of subtitle machine above the stage. I do recommend though that you don’t sit too close to the stage if you plan on using this because you will stain your next looking up at it all the time, as I have learned.

I will wrap this long overdue post by saying that I have many more theater outings planed with and without anyu in my last months here, and I will try to write better reports of them as they occur. I am also planing on writing up several separate posts on things such as my recent trip to Germany and a trip I took to a Pig Killing in the north east of Hungary.


One thought on “Hungarian Theater….part two

  1. Hey, I love, love theaters, and musicals are my favourites too!!! Back a few years a theatre called Rock-Színház existed in Budapest and all they played was musicals… I can’t sing, but I was an extra in their Les Miserables production in the late eighties…

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