Húsvét, fractured feet, and summer heat

Tomorrow is Húsvét (Easter), which is one of the biggest Hungarian holiday. Hungarians celebrate two days of Easter, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday. On Easter Sunday, Hungarians traditionally eat Ham, and on Monday the main attraction is Locsolkodás. Locsolkodás is the Hungarian tradition of boys throwing water or perfume (we hope for the former) on girls, to water them like flowers for the coming year. The boys then recite a poem and are given red Easter eggs or chocolate in exchange. I myself have made several red Easter eggs already, by hollowing a egg and gluing red rings around it.

I suppose I must write a few lines about my extreme unluckiness in the timing that I have had in fracturing my foot. Our Easter break started on Wednesday, so of course Wednesday night I took a tumble down some metro steps and fractured my foot. So now I am subjected to a knee high white cast and a week of bed rest. Hopefully though if it heals enough by this coming Wednesday I will be able to get a walking cast and visit Amsterdam and Paris with my mother without trouble. Other than being rather bored after only two days, I am doing well.

Lastly I just wanted to comment on the absolutly lovely weather that we are having here in Budapest, near 20c or above everyday for sometime. It is nearly torture to be cooped up inside with the lovely weather outside.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!


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