Nearly Over….. a big update

As my departure from Hungary approaches, I have begun to see that 10 months have passed in a blink of time. I truly can’t believe that I will be on a plane to Alaska in less than a month,  just 15 days actually.

Today I spent an hour and a half on various forms of Budapest transport to get to the airport where I said my goodbyes to Gil (a mexican), the first of our group to leave. Seeing off Gil was like a sort of alarm, bringing home just how soon I am leaving, and how everything is already changing, so much sooner than a want it to.

In some recaps of the past few months. After my last post I got a real blue walking cast (put on the same way as a plaster one, but made of lighter plastic) from the lovely (not) Hungarian doctor. On the 16th of May my mother arrived and we stayed in Budapest a few days before taking a flight to Amsterdam. We saw all the usual sites in Amsterdam, and I was left with the feeling that is is one of the nicest designed feeling city that I have ever been to. Next was an express train to Paris. We stayed in the outskirts of Paris for 5 days. Paris ended up being a wonderful experience, but a disappointment in the city over all. It was just kind of a dirty, mean city that wasn’t particularly friendly. After another 2 days in Budapest my mother returned to Alaska. I was surprised that although I loved my mother visiting and it was an amazing 2 weeks I was also happy to return to my life here, so much less complicated than thinking of how I will readjust when I return home.

On the 1st of May I left for my first Rotary eurotour, which was a tour consisting of much of southern Europe. We left Budapest on bus on the evening of the 1st and arrived some 18 hours later in France. The tour lasted until the 12th of may, when we returned to Budapest. There were 26 of us on the tour, and it was an amazing group, of friends, I became closer to many of the other exchangers that I hadn’t really known so well before.

In between the first tour and the second one (which was larger and had 40 something exchange students on it), I spent little time in Budapest. I visited one of my best exchange friends, Chelsea from Canada, in Hodmezerhasarhy, after which we went to the Hungarian Rotary district conference, which was amazing, but ending not too well for everyone.DSC07846

Out of my entire year, I think some of my most memorable memories came from my second eurotour. The second tour was called heart of europe tour, and that is what it was, we visited Bratislava, Prague, Bremen, Berlin, Munich, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Stalsbourg, Strasbourg, and Hallstatt. Each city will forever be ingrained in my mind side by side with the memories that I made with my fellow exchange students and the times we had there.

And now finally I am back in Budapest for 15 more days, and I am at a complete loss as to how to descibe just how much I will miss my home, life, and friends here. Yesterday, was my last day of school, and I was shocked by just how sad I was to leave that building, even if most of the time I understood next to nothing in class. I don’t want my friends and family back home to think I am not excited to see them, or that I can’t be happy back home, its just that at this point it’s sadder for me to leave everything I have spent all year getting used to and creating, than I am excited to return to what was always there waiting. It just that I know when I leave Budapest on the 2nd, that I may never see my friends here again, that everyone will be scattered around the world in the next few weeks, and we will never be in the same room again. Not to laugh or cry, or gossip, or break rules.

At this point I am honestly feeling more frightened to return home, then I was in coming to Hungary. For some reason the thought of having to readjust to people I already know is so much more terrifying then having to relate to entirely new people. I know that I have changed, immensely in the last year, or better or worse; so I know that others have as well. I am not certain how I will fit in with my old friends, or even my family, or how I will manage to return to school and actually do more than look confused most of the time.

I am just trying to look at this going back to Alaska as just one more adventure, a different sort compared to my last year, but an adventure none the less.


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